Apple Working Extensively on a New Hybrid Drive System

Recent reports claim that Apple is busy working on a new Hybrid Drive System that integrates the best features of both conventional platter-based and flash storage. The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office recently published a patent expressing Apple intentions of devising an innovative SSD/HDD combo drive.

Patently Apple reports:

On September 29, 2011, the US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple that reveals a next generation Hybrid Drive that includes both a hard drive and Flash. Intel will be pushing their Smart Response hybrid drive systems for consumer systems in 2012 and Apple’s patent would indicate that they intend to have their own solution for future hardware. Uniquely Apple’s twist to this drive is that it will handle different types of storage media based on an environmental state of the hybrid drive. If the drive undergoes temperature, vibration or acceleration variances that could cause the hard drive to temporarily fail, the system would save the volatile data to the Flash drive.

The hybrid drive system will work very effectively. Whenever a potential threat will be detected on the HDD drive, the system will automatically reallocated the data to the SSD derive. It is an obvious fact that platter-based drives are much more vulnerable to physical shocks, magnetization and extreme temperatures, hence to overcome these problems a modern SSD will be a plus that only ensures the safety of your data but also improves the overall speed of the process.

These future drives from Apple will no doubt be a remarkable achievement for tech giant. The hybrid system will not only minimize the drive failure risks but also improve the performance.

Intel has already introduced its Smart Response hybrid drives and we can assume that Intel’s drive will somehow play a vital role in urging Apple to bring their drives to market as soon as possible. As the competition increase in the market for SSDs, the prices of these drives become down eventually pave the way for implementing larger amount of flash storage at low cost.

Apple’s Hybrid Drive System is expected to launch next year.

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