Browser Market Share Losses Hit Double-Digits for Firefox – September Forecast Model

Firefox known to be a big name in browser market is losing its market shares at quick pace – to say, over the period of 6 months, the market share for Firefox has reached double figures. It is certainly alarming for Mozilla.

According to the StateCounter’s browser market share data for the first half of the month, the Internet Explorer might be able to put a stop in its declining market shares in September, whereas Chrome continues to move up for the prevailing month but not as quick as in last few months. Apple’s Safari also shows some healthy growth, while Mozilla’s Firefox is losing its market share way too quickly against all our expectations.

The statistics show that Microsoft is hoped to gain 0.3 points for its Internet Explorer to reach 41.96%. Although, it is not a big victory but this would be IE’s first gain after seeing 14 months of repeated losses. Chrome is also showing a good growth by gaining 0.75 points and hoped to end with 24% of market share by the end of this month. Safari is hoping to end this month with 6 % market share with a gain of 0.8 points. Mozilla’s Firefox will end up with 26.34% of total market shares by giving up one point.

It is a matter of just 6 months when Firefox was standing at second place with market share of 29.98% and now it seems that it will surpass the IE’s 6 month trend of market share losses. The total market share loss for Firefox will assumed to hit the double digit this month to stand at 12%. The market share loss will stand at 16%, if we extend our calculations to 12 months. The Firefox had a market share of 31.50% a year ago. For this particular year, the trending losses for Firefox have picked up pace and getting worst with every passing month. Microsoft seems to work hard to stabilize its losses by 16% during the last 12-month trending.

On the basis of current figures, it seems that the Chrome will exceed Firefox market share by November. On September 11, 2011 Chrome reached on the top with a market share of 25% for the first time its entire career. On the other hand, Firefox dropped down to 25% range for the first time on September 17, 2011 since May 2009. Mozilla certainly has some hard work to cope with this crisis.

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