Difference Between iPhone 4S and iPhone 5

Under the light of so many rumors and speculations, it is extremely hard to claim what actually going to be released in October. Apple or any other carriers has not yet disclosed any information about the upcoming device. All we have is a bunch of rumors on which all our assumptions are basing.  The most confusing thing about all this scenario is to differentiate between iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.

People are yet to understand whether iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 are two different phones or they are the same. People are so curios to know about the next coming iPhone and this is the major reason why several different rumors sprouted.

Buster Heine of cultofmac made an attempt to clarify the difference between the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. We don’t know how far his speculations are right but he certainly has done some hard work in bringing these facts to us.

How Apple Chooses its iPhone Name

Let us start from iPhone 4. Apple chose a pretty straight forward name for its fourth generation iPhone as iPhone 4 where ‘4’ represents the fourth generation. But normally, Apple doesn’t follow this naming trend every so often.

It might be surprising for you that the 2nd generation of iPhone was launched as iPhone 3G by Apple. It must be surprising for you, isn’t it? The second generation iPhone was the first model with support for 3G wireless network. Next to come was the third generation iPhone which retained the 3G suffix but with addition of ‘S’ to it – iPhone 3GS. Although, the third generation iPhone was launched with a bit powerful processor, additional RAM  and a camera with high megapixels rather than completely as a new iPhone, the suffix ‘S’ was added to moniker that refers to ‘speed’.

So, we can say that forthcoming iPhone will either follow the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 naming trend to release as iPhone 5 and may involve some major designing changes. But if Apple has the intentions to release it with some improved specs, then it might be released as iPhone 4S.

The Difference is in the Specs

Considering the naming trend of Apple, we can assume that specs of this next generation iPhone are also important. Until now all the rumors suggest that the iPhone 5 will feature an A5 processor, an aluminum back, a wider screen, better camera, a capacitive button and a thinner, tapered design. On the other hand, if it is simply an iPhone 4S, then it would have an A5 processor, better camera and revised antenna design.

Some rumors also suggest that there will be two iPhone models (iPhone 4S and iPhone 5) that Apple is planning to release in October. iPhone 4S will target the low-end market, while iPhone 5 will be a full-fledged fifth generation iPhone. The naming trends though clearly differentiate the two models, but yet it is not sure whether Apple will follow the same trend or adopt a new one.

(via cultofmac)

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