Facebook to Unleash Read, Listened, Watched, and Want Buttons

With f8 developer conference just around the corner, many speculations and rumors are sprouted. One such rumor states that at the f8 developer conference Facebook is going to reveal three new buttons on the ‘News Feed’. Reportedly, these three new buttons will be ‘Read’, ‘Listened’ and ‘Watched’. An unspecified source claims that these buttons will work similar to Facebook current ‘Like’ button – to appreciate the content. It is also reported that these button will followed by other social trade buttons such as ‘Want’. Interestingly, Liz Gannes reported on ‘All Things D’ that the slogan for the upcoming f8 developer conference is also ‘Read’, ‘Listen’ and ‘Watch’, which may have some relevance with the buttons.

Interesting fact about these buttons is that they are all in past tense – ‘Read’, ‘Listened’ and ‘Watched’ instead of ‘Read’, ‘Listen’ and ‘Watch’, a big point to ponder over. In my opinion, these buttons will perhaps specific to third-party content, while the Like button is both Facebook-specific content and third-party specific content. This is a mere speculation and we have to keep our nerves to find the actual motive.

The unspecified source also claims that the CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote for f8 will comprise of some massive packages, such as wide-ranging news, videos, and music partnerships as well as a setup for sharing content activity from inside and outside of Facebook. Let us correlate this keynote with slogan of f8 to make thing clear. The Read partners for Facebook must be big online publishers such as Yahoo, Watched partners most probably the top Web video sites and Listened partners would certainly be online music services.

All Things D quoted a reference from an anonymous source:

This is really about extending its sharing tools and influence by a factor of 10. Facebook has talked about socializing the Internet, but this is actually the biggest step to doing it.

If this news is not a rumor and Facebook will reveal these new buttons at f8 then it must give some more meaning to the content released by media sharing apps and retailers. F8 is not far and we will soon be able to know what Facebook has for us on the way.

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