Google Homepage Displays Google+ Button

Google has always been known for surprising us with its different moves when it comes to push something particularly on its main search engine page. Google is really true search giant and is available to anybody at any time.

The current move of pushing its Google+ ad on its home page will certainly end up in drawing lot of traffic to its social network. Google is the number one choice for all of us when it comes to search anything on the web and any such promotional move certainly gets the attention of million of people all across the world.

The small little button read ‘+You’ was made prominent with a big, blue bold arrow, suggesting people to have a look at this service as well. Compared to previous such ads, this has made quite obvious and clear so as to draw attention of more and more peoples. Google normally don’t go for any such moves to clutter up their homepage, but this big blue animated arrow certainly shows the importance of Google+ for Google.

This Google+ button is not just limited to the Google.com, instead it is displaying on many localized versions of the Google search pages as well, such as Google.se (Swedish version). All these initiatives clearly suggest that Google wants to promote its social network. The ad began appearing on the homepage right from the next day the service was officially launched to world.

Google is really anxious to bring its social network to the place where it can give a tough competition to the other already well established social networks. The appearance of any such ads on Google’s other properties including YouTube is pretty much expected.

Before the launch of Google+, the number of Google users for all its properties is estimated to fall between 1 and 1.5 billion. Google has so many options available to reach such a massive user base without taking too much of effort in order to promote its social network. It is more than expected that in coming months the Google+ will show some massive growth, if Google continues to show similar dedication.

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