Improve Smartphone Battery Life by More Than 50%

Nobody can deny the fact that this is really an innovative and insightful invention of which no one had thought of ever until this time. Thanks to researchers at University of Michigan (UM) who scale back the Smartphone battery power essential in idle listening. They are confident over saying that they can improve the Smartphone battery life by more than 50 percent.

Except for all other practicability, the only major drawback with smartphones is that they don’t have the capability to hold their battery for long enough as inept Motorola phones did about 15 years back. You always feel the need to go back to your car and intra-day charging. According to UM researchers, the major cause of battery consumption is not actually the heavy usage alone, but the idle listening as well that can eat up as much power as when your Smartphone is fully operational.

Both Kang Shin (engineering professor) and Xinyu Zhang (doctoral student) ardently invent a technique through which they are able to lessen the power consumption of idle listening via scaling back the Wi-Fi regulator to 1/16 of its normal power. Researchers at UM given their technology a name E-MiLi (Energy-Minimizing Idle Listening) that will offer 44 percent less power consumption in almost 92 percent of all mobile phones in real practice.

However, the only problem they have come across while putting this technology into practice is that the ‘sleeping’ smarphones have to identify incoming messages. The researchers rectify this problem by tweaking a device to just recognize the header of the incoming message. This entire process of indentifying a particular encrypted incoming header, users required to update a firmware together with processor slowing-software on their mobiles. According to researchers, the E-MiLI technology is compatible with all modern phones and there will be no issue arose in future in receiving E-MiLi encoded messages on smarphones with no E-MiLi technology.

University of Michigan (UM) states that it is searching for partners to publicize their idea and also in the process of patenting their invention.

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