Apple’s iPhone 5 Will Crash Samsung Galaxy S II’s Market Share

Samsung has become a loss making unit in the recent times except for its smart phone SBU. They have been instrumental in the segment and have followed Apple head to head. Their recent smart phone release – Samsung Galaxy S II’s market share is slated to sink as Apple is gearing up for the mega release of iPhone 5. Samsung’s S II is certainly a bulky device and in terms of its design it looks to be in between a 7” tablet and a regular smart phone. Samsung’s foolish attempt will be taken for a toss as and when the new iPhone hits the market.

Holding a Samsung S II device is comparable to holding a big bulky brick in hand rather than a classy device. On the other hand, Apple has always introduced stylish and good looking smart phones that have changed the way people conduct business, communicate and share information. Samsung has rather done the smart work by just scaling up the resolution, processor and camera features in their S II smart phone to position it a touch better against an iPhone. However, the market dynamics are all set to change again and it will be advantage Apple in the smart phone segment.

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2 Responses to "Apple’s iPhone 5 Will Crash Samsung Galaxy S II’s Market Share"

  1. Abdul says:

    The most WORST report ever!!! According to leaks iphone 5 will be Dual-Core 1Ghz, Samsung Galaxy S2 is Dual-Core 1.2Ghz/ 1.5Ghz. And Nexus Prime is their to kill iSHIT 5

  2. bob says:

    ahahhahahha. Holy fanboy!
    What a turn the 4S turned out to be… Sure SIRI might offer a few advantages over Voice Actions… but comon. Besides, you can’t use voice in a noisy environment….

    And who wants to broadcast “Send text to BOB, I love kittens.”

    People bought up the 3GS, even tho it wasn’t a huge upgrade… But it did solve many problems the previous device had… The 4S is not that. The list of missing features vs Samsungs offerings is continuing to grow.

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