Chrome Manages to Exceed Firefox Market Share

Google web browser Chrome is advancing quite stably in the market. You will be surprised to know that Chrome has managed to pass Firefox market share marginally. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has retained its declining trend and has market shares just below 40%.

Another weekend low was recorded for Firefox last weekend and managed to pass Chrome market share of 26.59% to 26.62% on Saturday. However, the statistics provided by StatCounter reveals that the market share of Firefox dropped down to 26.16% compared to Chrome’s 26.22% on Sunday.

The market shares for the top three browsers, i.e. IE, Firefox and Chrome for the first half of October remained at: IE averages 39.99%, Firefox holds the market shares of 26.68% and Chrome averages 24.85%. If we compare these figures with last month’s result, we will come to know that IE drops 1.67 points, Firefox drops 0.11 points, while Chrome gains 1.24 points. Similarly, Apple’s Safari also experience some minor growth of 0.37 points to reach 5.97% market share and Opera also stands at 1.83% market share with a growth of 0.11 points. If we look at our 6-month trend rating, Google’s Chrome is up by 6.56 points, Firefox is down by 2.99 points and IE has also lost 4.53 points.

If the current trend exists for Chrome, it will soon become on par with market share of Firefox, perhaps by next month.

The major factor behind Chrome’s sudden growth is its popularity in South America, where it has outdid the market shares of both IE and Firefox. On Sunday, Chrome hit upon a record 40.82% of market share in South America. Similarly, Chrome has already become the second most popular web browser in Asia with its 26.6% market share followed by 25.15% market shares of Firefox. However, IE is still leading the Asian market with its 43.81% market shares.

As for North American market, IE is on the top with 44.33% market share, Firefox holds the second place with 23.15% market share and Chrome is on third spot with 20.01% market share. Compared to other markets, Safari is relatively popular in United States with its total share of 11.91%, while in North America it has 11.31% share.

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