Facebook Offers Advanced Cyber Security System

Facebook has an advanced cyber security system that processes and checks 650,000 actions every second so as to fight well against spam and cyber-attacks on social network.

This is just a one piece of information provided by the social network giant about its system, known as the Facebook Immunity System (FIS). Reports suggest that it is extremely effective with only 1% of users reporting issues regarding spam.

It took company three years to develop FIS, which is strong enough to manage about 25 billion actions that are made by more than 800 million Facebook users each day. Facebook claims that the system has brought down the spam ratio to less than 4% of its total messages, i.e. affecting even less than 0.5% of users.

The New Scientist has some details for how systems actually work:

It protects against scams by harnessing artificially intelligent software to detect suspicious patterns of behavior. The system is overseen by a team of 30 people, but it can learn in real time and is able to take action without checking with a human supervisor.

Moreover, the FIS is also reinforced by a team of 30 security experts, all of which assists in looking up spam across the network not leaving a single status update, like, share or comment in the process.

However, one should not completely rely on technology. One has to be careful about the imposing threat from socialbots – fake users that behave and look similar to ordinary people on the social network. Socialbots normally send a lot of friend requests to users so as to get an access to their personal information, which they could be used for evil purposes, like phishing, identity fraud, contact information etc.

A research report from Facebook reveals that about 20% of users accept such unknown requests from socialbots, putting themselves at risk by allowing them to have access to your personal information.

It is obviously not as simple to figure out socialbots. Even FIS fails to detect such suspicious requests. Although, Facebook is working hard to keep its social network safe from spam and cyber-attacks, users need to play their part as well to come strongly against suspicious links, behaviors and activities in their accounts.

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