Facebook Tightens Security with Two New Tools

Facebook is working hard to improve the security of its social network. We have already talked about the powerful cyber security system of social network giant called the ‘Facebook Immunity System’ (FIS) which fights well against spam and other security scams. According to Facebook, its FIS checks and processes 650,000 actions every second.

Facebook is all up to tighten its security with addition of two new tools. A post on Facebook’s official Security page reveals that “you can now select three to five ‘Trusted Friends’ who can help you if you ever have issues accessing your account.” If you have your account locked, your trusted friends will be sent codes and they will pass it onto you to get back your account.

Often times it happens that you lost your password, you can send a password reset request and in response to that you receive a password reset email in your primary email account. However, it is often seen that when you have your Facebook account hacked, your email account has also been compromised. Similarly, sometimes people also lost access to their email accounts for one or another reason. In all that cases you will be able to get back into your locked account by utilizing these two tools.

Facebook while describing the new tools said:

Similar to other features that help you prove your identity through your friends, you can now select three to five trusted friends who can help you if you ever have issues accessing your account.  It’s sort of similar to giving a house key to your friends when you go on vacation–pick the friends you most trust in case you need their help.

If you forgot your password and need to login but can’t access your email account, you can rely on your friends to help you get back in.  We will send codes to the friends you have selected and they can pass along that information to you.

There is also another tool that Facebook is hoping to introduce soon called ‘App Passwords’ that will bring advanced security to Facebook-enabled apps. This security tool will enable users to set app-specific passwords, which means that they will be able to login to third-party apps by giving a unique code. The description provided by Facebook shows that it would be one-time passwords meaning that you need to give them the first time you allow an app via Facebook credentials.

This seems to be a positive attitude from Facebook which is now more concerned about security perspectives of its social network. We cannot say anything about how users will respond to these new tools, but one thing is clear that Facebook itself doesn’t sure about the credibility of this particular feature:

There are tons of applications you can use by logging in with your Facebook credentials.  However, in some cases, you may want to have a unique password for that application. This is especially helpful if you have opted into Login Approvals, for which security codes don’t always work when using third-party applications.

We are testing a feature that allows you to use app passwords for logging into third-party applications. Simply go to your Account Settings, then the Security tab, and finally to the App Passwords section.  You can generate a password that you won’t need to remember, just enter it along with your email when logging into an application.

What is more confusing about the announcement is the screenshot displaying word ‘Apple’ to elaborate the ‘app’ in question. On its first instance users are forced to think as if the company is speaking of device-specific passwords. This is, however, not the case with screenshot.

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