Google Reveals a New Web Language – Dart

It has been reported earlier that Google is working on a new web language. So, Google has finally revealed its new web language Dart. The new programming language will assist developers in developing web applications. While designing the new languages, Google focused on simplicity, scalability and efficiency and merging the strong new language features with the existing language.

The rumors surfaced earlier in September when we received reports that the search titan might be working on a new web language after the company registered a row of new domain names including ‘DartLang’, ‘DartLanguage’, ‘Dart-Lang’ and ‘GoogleDart’ in .com, .net and .org domains.

Google in a release note says the new programming language will provide assistance to developers to “create a structured yet flexible language for web programming, make Dart feel familiar and natural to programmers and thus easy to learn, and ensure that Dart delivers high performance on all modern web browsers and environments ranging from small handheld devices to server-side execution.”

The new web language along with many other development tools is made available by Google on its open-source repository ‘dartlang.org’. In its description Google describes how this new platform will assist small one-man development teams to large-scale projects. The code of the language can be executable through a native virtual machine or on top of a JavaScript engine that will translate Dart code to JavaScript.

Google says:

This means you can write a web application in Dart and have it compiled and run on any modern browser. The Dart VM is not currently integrated in Chrome but we plan to explore this option.

Google has provided whole host of code examples and technical overviews on dartlang.org detailing the operations of the new platform. The search giant is optimistic and believes that the new platform will expand in the coming future.

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