Google TV Set for Major Refresh

Google TV has always been a potential asset for Google since its launch in October 2010.  But still it failed to leave an impression on majority of the users due the clumsiness of interface, lack of cooperation from TV networks and Hulu. Google has finally decided to take all these limitations with a major refresh as Google is going to upgrade its Google TV with Android OS.

Earlier today, Google through a Google TV blog post confirms that the existing platform will be upgraded to Android 3.1 also known as Honeycomb for Sony devices on Sunday, while the Logitech Revue set-top box will be upgraded afterwards.

Many of you must be wondering about what this software upgrade to Android actually is. Google describes that it is “much simpler.” Google says that the customization abilities will now assuage much of the awkwardness of previous version. Google daringly admits that the first iteration was “not perfect.” Google also believes that the inclusion of Android Market would bring a host of new applications, while more applications will be added over time in future.

The most noticeable feature in the new update will be its simpler maneuverability of searching across all TV shows available to you. This update will be a Google’s answer to a longstanding question “What’s on?” Google is a bit late to respond but it still not too late. If this could have done earlier, the service may likely be one of the major assets of the company at this time.

Google admits that the previous iteration of Google TV didn’t get the said treatment as it should be. However, it has learned from its previous mistakes with the Google TV and is now fully “committed to find the best way to discover and engage with the high-quality entertainment on your television.” This statement makes us think that Google in an attempt to refresh its Google TV will likely to help users to search all the shows from any cable or satellite provider they are subscribed to or even from the Internet through all the applications within Google TV, like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and HBO Go. It seems that Google may have plans to enhance Google TV’s search across YouTube.

The blog post from Google also reveals some interesting facts about Google’s intentions, such as some future software updates and new devices “on new chipsets from multiple hardware partners.” Google is getting serious to improve its services for sure.

It is way too early to give any conclusion about the new update until we have an on-hand experience of going through the new software update on our Logitech Revue box. But for the moment, the new refresh appears to be really impressive. The integration of Android, the Chrome, YouTube, and of course the world’s best search expertise will all add to make this new refresh so strong.

What we have to see is whether Google TV will able to get cooperation from TV networks and movie studios, enabling their content to be searchable on the Google TV platform. This would only be the key to success for Google TV.

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