iPhone 4S – the First Smartphone with Bluetooth 4.0

Apple revealed its new iPhone 4S in the media event held at its Cupertino headquarter in California on October 4th. The design of the new iPhone 4S is similar to its predecessor, however, the major different lies in its specifications. The latest device features faster processor, better camera (8 megapixel), and improved antenna design over its previous iteration.

Apple has boasted a lot about the new features of the phone, but there is one feature about which we have not heard anything from the tech giant, the Bluetooth 4.0 support. Several different tech blogs indicated that the iPhone 4S is the first smartphone featuring support for Bluetooth 4.0.

Compared to previous version, Bluetooth 4.0 sports some remarkable features. The most obvious is its capability of low power consumption. It is reported by ITProPortal that the new technology utilizes about half of the power of all previous versions.

However, it is worth noting that there are not much accessories available at the moment that make use of this new technology, but its addition will certainly paved the way for many possibilities in the future. Due to excessive battery drainage, the headsets and Bluetooth gadgets are not much in demand at present.

The use of new Bluetooth 4.0 is not limited to accessories rather it can be handy in other ways also. It was announced by Apple back in July that its new Macbook Air and Mac Mini products will come with support for Bluetooth 4.0. We can simply not deny the fact of file-transfer support in future.

Last but not the least, the new technology will not disappoint you if you have old headsets and other peripherals as it is compatible will all your old headsets and accessories. Under the current scenario where the tech industry is growing quite steadily, we should need to see how the tech titans including Apple respond to this new technology in coming days.

The addition of Bluetooth 4.0 support in new iPhone 4S gives us a hint of Apple’s intentions to lead the tech market with their innovative approach.

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