Microsoft Shows Off New Touch Sensitive Technology

Microsoft a technology giant has announced earlier today that its research team has invented a new type of touch sensor which allows users to interact with their phones while it is still in their pocket or bag. This technology will help keeping your phone silent as well as enable you to enter text message without taking your phone out of your bag or pocket.

The researchers called their project the PocketTouch that utilizes a custom sensor attached on the back of the smartphone and is capable of detecting multi-touch gestures while still under heavy fleece, pocket or in a bag. Microsoft researchers are all set to exhibit the working prototype of the project at the coming Association for Computing Machinery Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology in California.

The project seems pretty much impractical at its first instance. Microsoft researchers had to face couple of major challenges, i.e. to get the sensor work through the fabric and of course its orientation. There is not set rules to put your smartphones into your pocket or bag in any particular direction or angle, which means that sensor should be capable of interpreting gestures regardless of its direction or angle. The researchers explains the solution of this problem as a consistent ‘orientation-defining unlock gesture’ that primarily helps sensor to detect the direction of the device.

We are yet not sure enough whether or not this project will make it way to the market or when this technology hit the market, if it really has weight. However, we should expect something positive from the company as we have some instances from the past where the Microsoft’s product team went to implement their ideas in the products.

The PocketTouch paper is written by senior researchers Scott Saponas and Hrvoje Benko in assistance with a former Microsoft Research intern and a current Ph.D. student at Carnegie Mellon University, Chris Harrison.

Microsoft is also planning to present another project known as OmniTouch in the conference that was first revealed at Microsoft Research Event recently. The project is related to pico projector and a depth camera that allows people to communicate with programs projected onto their skin or other muscles.

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