Nokia Luna Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth headsets devices become really handy when it comes to driving. Although, it is not always a good idea to receive a call while driving, sometimes you won’t want to miss them. Traffic laws strictly bound us to use hands-free kits if it is indispensible to take an incoming call. It is obvious from different research works that we cannot fully concentrate on driving if we were busy in conversation on the mobile phone that often cause disasters.

Many people don’t like the idea of wearing a Bluetooth headset because of its awkward looks, but it is important to note here that sometimes it is necessary to sacrifice aesthetics for improving the safety while being on the road. With Bluetooth headset on one can use his both hands to control the steering instead of using your hand to hold the handset and cranking your neck sideways to concentrate on call rather than on the road. To ensure your safety as well as realizing the importance of calls, Nokia has introduced something really incredible, the Nokia Luna Bluetooth Headset.

Nokia describes its new Bluetooth headset simply as “The most playful headset ever with an eye-catching design, delicious colors and pop it mechanism – Daringly Different and Surprisingly Simple.” This is a remarkable Bluetooth headset which you have never seen before. The most striking feature of this headset is its simple functionality. You can use it easily without much to bother about.

Nokia Bluetooth headset is extremely simple to use. You just need to pop the headset from the holder up to answer your call. To end, just put it back. The most striking feature of the Nokia Bluetooth headset is its NFC capability. Just tap the back of the holder with your phone to pair. With this feature, you can easily pair your Nokia C7, Oro, 600, 603, 700, 701 and N9. It also features voice prompts that will help inform you about low battery and pairing issues.

As for battery, the Nokia Luna Bluetooth headset offers surprising 2 months standby time. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to put it back in the holder after receiving your calls. It will offer up to 8 hours of extended talk time, i.e. 2 hours with the headset and 6 hours in the holder.

This 2-piece design Nokia Luna Bluetooth headset is available in five different colors including black, green, cyan, white and fuchsia. The headset weighs about 5 gram while holder has a weight of about 18.3 grams. It uses microUSB charger to recharge.

It is currently offered for €69 with tax exemption until the year ends.

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