Report: Apple Planning to Launch 4G LTE iPhone in 2012

Apple disappointed many with an announcement of iPhone 4S earlier this month, when everyone was expecting to have a next-generation iPhone 5. The iPhone 4S, though appears similar to its predecessor, it has an all new specs under the hood. The best of which is the 4G-like speeds on AT&T network – thanks to an updated HSDPA antenna. DigiTimes reports while citing a source close to the company that we can expect to have an all new iPhone next year.

AT&T is already offering a Long Term Evolution (LTE) network, while Verizon is has begun to roll out this technology to its customers. However, Sprint is still trying to get its hand on it. Previously, Sprint went for WiMAX but didn’t find it as effective so decided to navigate away from it and now rolling out LTE technology for 4G network. It is important to note here that there are only 35 networks all over the world using LTE technology. However, these figures have never been enough for Apple to design 4G LTE phones. Verizon is expecting to expand its 4G services to the majority of the market by 2012, with AT&T busy expanding its already developed 4G network and Sprint is aiming to launch its LTE services in mid of next year.

According to analysts, this is perhaps the right time for Apple to think over introducing 4G phones. Of course, 4G LTE market would be a potential market for Apple and we might see a change of trend in coming year, where we see Apple as a new emerging force in 4G LTE market outdoing the current market holder HTC. However, it is not only the Apple that is pondering over new 4G LTE technology, RIM and Sony Ericsson are also aiming to introduce new technology in their devices.

Apple is a tech giant at the moment and in no way ready to compromise over quality. The major reason why Apple not pursuing the 4G technology is its serious concerns which it had over previously designed 4G chip that caused several problems including battery. Perhaps, the wise decision from Apple to wait until the technology stabilizes and become much more widespread so as to get advantage of it. We have already come across several reports where HTC Thunderbolt having severe battery issues because of its 4G/3G antenna design moving back and forth. In order to avoid such problems and also to ensure the availability of quality products, Apple decided to wait before plunging into this new technology.

With the increasing trend towards 4G LTE technology, we can expect a beginning of new era in mobile market with lots of new devices will appear in the market offering us to enjoy faster 4G technology.

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