Samsung Nexus Prime Designed to Bypass Apple Patents

The new Samsung Galaxy Nexus or Nexus Prime was announced in yesterday’s Samsung-Google event. The Galaxy Nexus is Samsung’s latest smartphone to run the Google’s latest Android 4.0 (codenamed: Ice Cream Sandwich). According to Samsung’s mobile chief, the smartphone is designed carefully to minimize the potential patent lawsuit from its major competitor Apple.

Both the companies are battling against each other in many countries over the patent litigations. The product designs and software patents are big cause of dispute between the two tech giants. However, the Shin Jong-Kyon of Samsung expressed his grave concerns in Hong Kong at the Samsung-Google event over patent issues:

“Now we will avoid everything we can and take patents very seriously.”

Apple has already won a legal battle in Germany and Australia over Samsung’s Galaxy products in form of injunction. Samsung in order to prevent injunctions in other countries, to say, Netherland, has made some alterations in its Galaxy products. However, when Shin was asked about the probability of Apple asserting patent claims against their new Galaxy Nexus, he failed to give any immediate response. But he did mention that the company is trying to make sure that the coming products come with no known patent infringements.

In a response to a question, the Samsung’s executive said, “we will see if (the Galaxy Nexus) will be 100 percent free,” further added that the legal actions between two companies is “just a start and will last for a considerable time.”

Shin Jong-Kyon never kept himself silent and criticized Apple saying, “Apple won’t gain much from its legal action, but Samsung is losing the pride in our brand.” He further said that in order to avoid any more legal actions we are recruiting more legal staff, “(I realized that) having technological power and being business savvy aren’t enough.”

Despite facing injunctions in Germany and Australia, Shin is still hopeful and pretty confident in saying that we can still manage to meet out annual tablet sales target.

If Samsung would face any litigation over Galaxy Nexus, it would definitely be a great setback for the Korean-based company, though, the company is hopeful about its new device, but the possibility of legal action from Apple is very much there. Samsung has already filed a lawsuit against Apple’s new iPhone 4S in Australia. So many things going on between two companies at present and predicting anything at this stage would be vague.

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