Scalar Makes Mathematical Calculations Simple on Your iPad

Calculator is among many native apps of iOS and performing pretty well so far. In addition to this native app, Apple also offers its Numbers app which is also very good and effective app for many.

Sergey Mikhanov, an app developer thinks a little beyond than Calculator and Number apps. He introduces his own Scalar app for iPad. The Scalar is already available on the App Store for $4.99 compared to $9.99 for Apple’s Numbers app. The Scalar is extremely handy app that can save a lot of your precious time. Contrary to Apple’s Numbers app which has not been updated since April, the Scalar is newly released and up-to-date.

According to Mikhanov:

Scalar is a replacement spreadsheet app on iPad for 90% of cases — no more forced table structure or inconvenient tiny cells to tap.

The design of the Scalar is very Apple-friendly, which lets you perform your calculations rather very easily and simply. With Scalar app installed, you can save unlimited calculations for reuse and also have countless number of pages to carry out your task.

Mikhanov declares him lucky for having his app on the App Store that many others just wish to be. The most striking feature of the app is its ability to perform multiple tasks, while with iOS native Calculator you can perform only one calculation at a time.

Giving a comparison of his Scalar app with those Apple’s offerings, Mikhanov says:

What I found interesting while working on the app is that this niche is almost empty on the App Store. Everybody seems to be happy with Apple’s Numbers, though it’s clearly NOT an app most suited for touch screens. We have just released a major update, which puts us way ahead of any competing apps except for, maybe, Numbers, and user reviews are raving.

Mikhanov is pretty much confident about his new app and claims that it is far better than Apple’s Numbers app. Mikhanov appreciates every single feedback regarding its app. If you are into mathematical sort of stuff, give Scalar a try and share your experience with us as well as with Mikhanov in hopes that he will make his app even better.

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