Top 10 Reasons to Have a New iPhone 4S

Apple introduced the new iPhone 4S on Tuesday in its mega event ‘Let’s Talk iPhone’. Apple didn’t bring the most expected, entirely new next generation iPhone 5 for some obvious reason. For this reason, many of the Apple’s fans also criticized the company decision to not to launch iPhone 5.

While majority of the rumors circled around the launch of entirely new smartphone, many analyst still foresaw the launch of iPhone 4S. Many analysts believe that Apple had rightly did so because majority of the phone business based on two-year contract then what’s the use of releasing brand new phone every year.

Despite the fact that the new iPhone 4S looks conspicuously similar to its previous iteration, the iPhone 4S is much superior to its predecessor in terms of specs and features.

We have enlisted here 10 most obvious reasons that make this new smartphone better than its previous iterations.

1. Performance

The latest iPhone 4S has a dual-core A5 processor making it two times faster than the previous iPhone 4. Similarly, the new device also receives an upgraded graphics processor unit which is seven times faster than the unit found in the iPhone 4. The changes made become more obvious when you run games or resource-intensive apps.

2. Camera

The new Apple’s device features an up-to-date 8 megapixel camera which lets you take 3264×2448 photos. Compared to the iPhone 4’s camera, this camera offers 60 percent more pixels. With this new camera, you can also take a crystal clear 8×10 sized print out of yours photos. The new camera comes with an upgraded illumination sensor and infrared filter, offering quality lowlight photos with more real colors. The new custom ISP (Image Signal Processor) will let you capture a photo in less than 1.1 seconds.

3. Video Camera

The latest device also features a video camera like its predecessor. You must be thinking if both of them have a video camera then where the difference lies. The answer is pretty clear. With iPhone 4 you can capture an HD video limited to 720 lines, while with new device you can capture a HD video of 1080 lines. The video camera used in iPhone 4S also has features like temporal noise reduction and image stabilization.

4. Siri

Apple has introduced a digital personal voice assistant named the Siri in its new device. The iPhone 4S will be shipped with pre-installed Siri. The voice-recognition system makes use of artificial intelligence to answer your wide range of questions. This app can even read text messages and emails for you as well. The Siri is capable of parsing human language so it can respond to your question quickly.

5. AirPlay Mirroring

Those Apple users who have already owned an Apple TV, then this feature is for them. We must acknowledge that this is perhaps the best addition in the new device. The AirPlay Mirroring feature will let you mirror everything that you do on your iPhone on the TV screen through Apple TV. For instance, you can browser the web, play games or even type an email on big screen – not to forget all wireless. Reacting to the addition of this feature in new device, many game developers have got busy in developing multiplayer racing games that can be played on your TV. Currently, this feature is offered on iPhone 4S and iPad 2.

6. Improved Antenna

After the launch of iPhone 4, Apple received a lot of complaints regarding the antenna issues. The iPhone 4’s antenna woes caused Apple to endure some real financial as well as promotional damage. Apple learnt from its previous mistakes and came out strongly with its new dual-antenna design to offer better reception. In order to improve the call quality, Apple introduces a special feature that switches between the two available antenna options according to the requirement. Also, if your carrier supports HSDPA+, you can download data with iPhone 4S at 14.4Mbps, two times faster than the iPhone 4 and on average with 4G-suppored devices.

7. Battery Life

You must be thinking that with all these features the battery life of Apple’s latest device may not catch up with the iPhone 4. To your surprise, with all these additions and improvements, the new iPhone 4S will still give you a battery time nothing less than iPhone 4. iPhone 4S will let you talk up to 8 hours on 3G and 14 hours on 2G; you will be able to browser internet for up to 6 hours (9 hours on Wi-Fi); 10 hours of video playback time and the shocking 20 hours of straight audio playback. Above all, the new device has a standby time of up to 200 hours in case not used heavily.

8. Design

Instead of thinking emotionally, Apple took its decision sensibly by not launching the much expected next generation iPhone. The launch of iPhone 4S certainly is a good decision by Apple, according to many analysts. The design of iPhone 4 is known to be the most striking, beautiful and one of the slimmest on the smartphone’s market. Apple preferred to go with its most successful iPhone 4’s design. Many find the design of iPhone 4 still one of the most graceful among the company of other smartphones.

9. Apps

As for apps, the Apple’s iOS platform when compared to other third party apps is far ahead in competition. Apple’s App Store is known to offer some marvelous app to its users which are both superior in quality and quantity than its rivals. The strict app-approval process of Apple keeps the malicious software out of its devices. There are over 500,000+ apps in the App Store and still counting. iPhone 4S support all these apps, thanks to its A5 processor and upgraded graphical processing unit.

10. Satisfaction

The growing popularity of Apple is not hidden from anyone. Apple is on top of all other companies because they deliver – they deliver what they commit. The quality products from Apple are one of the major reasons why people prefer Apple’s products over others, particularly smartphone. Customers always need a quality product and after-sale services. Apple products are reliable as well as dependable. Unlike other smartphone platforms, Apple’s devices rarely freezes or crashes (exceptions are there) and this is why they give customer a trouble-free smartphone experience. With Apple products, satisfaction guaranteed!

Apple is now all ready to take pre-orders of its newly launched iPhone 4S in United States and United Kingdom. The smartphone will hit the shops on October 14, as announced by Apple at its media event earlier on Tuesday.

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