Twitter Finally Gains ‘Tweet’ Trademark

Majority of you must hold a view that the word ‘Tweet’ belongs to Twitter and Twitter owns the trademarks for the word. Surprisingly, this is in fact not the case as Twitter doesn’t own the trademark rights for the word ‘Tweet’ but actually a registered trademark of a company known as Twittad.

According to Twittad, “it is the largest and most effective form of sponsored advertising firm on Twitter.” In 2008, with its new slogan ‘Let Your Ad Meet Tweets’, the company wisely trademark the word ‘Tweet’. Twittad told that it had no problems in obtaining registration for the word as there was no objection from anybody.

However, a lawsuit was registered against Twittad by Twitter in September in anticipation that this might force the company to withdraw its registered trademark rights. Twitter thought that this is not enough and debar Twittad’s account on Twitter. The chief executive of Twittad, James Eliason didn’t give up and stood firm on his stance.

While talking to Wall Street Journal, Eliason said “Twitter’s users came up with ‘Tweet’, the word is fair game.” However, Twitter thinks that “It is in the best interests of our users and developers for the meaning of ‘Tweet’ to be preserved to prevent any confusion, so we are taking action to protect its meaning.”

Wall Street Journal reports today that both the parties have come into an agreement. Twitter will withdraw lawsuit and Twittad in return give the trademark rights for ‘Tweet’ to Twitter.

Twitter confirmed this report in one of its statement describing:

“We’ve arrived at a resolution with Twittad that recognizes consistent use of Tweet while supporting the continued success of Twitter ecosystem partners like Twittad,” Twitter spokeswoman Lynn Fox said in a statement.”

Apparently, it seems that the Twittad’s right for using the word ‘Tweet’ is one of its most precious property. It has some obvious role in the company’s popularity. We have to see how the decision of giving the trademark rights for the word ‘Tweet’ to Twitter will effect its reputation.

It is not yet cleared what actually the points are that end up in settling the lawsuit between the two parties. We are trying to get some inside news over the matter.

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