How to Get Access to Multiple Gmail Accounts With One Login

If you have several Gmail accounts – Let’s say one for personal and other for business use. You do not have to leave the email account to check the mailbox of another.

Google now allows multiple login so you can access two or more Gmail accounts simultaneously within the same browser. And it works with Google Apps accounts too.

There are few limitations though. One of them, if you log out from a Gmail account you will be automatically logged out from all Gmail/Google accounts.  Google Account will automatically disconnect from all your other Gmail / Google Accounts as well. Second, if you’re launching a new browser session, you will need to re login all the Gmail accounts separately in order to switch between accounts. Its not that bad… You have to login anyway.

Want to login once and for all?

Let’s say you have 3 Gmail accounts and you check one of them fluently, and the other two and not that much important and you don’t want to go through the hassle of writing the login details again and again, you can login once and for all.  How? Keep reading:

Gmail offers a very handy feature called Delegation mail address where you can share your inbox with other people (say your spouse) but without giving a peek to your password. Once you delegate your Gmail account to someone, they get instant read-write access to your mailbox and they get signed in to your Gmail account as soon as they sign in to their own Google account.

If you have this feature enabled, you can access to all mailboxes just by logging into your main Gmail account.


Log in one of your secondary Gmail accounts and go to the Mail Settings -> Accounts -> Grant access to your account select “Add another Account” and enter your primary email Gmail here. You will receive a confirmation email in your primary mailbox. Accept the request and repeat these steps for all your other Gmail accounts.

That’s it. Once you log into your main Gmail account, you also check all your secondary email accounts to choose the “Switch Account” option on the top left corner of the Gmail window. There is absolutely no need to manually sign in any of the other email.

One important thing, if your Gmail account gets hacked/ cracked for some reason, the person will have access to all mailboxes attached with your account.

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