How to Manage Google+ Contacts on Chat

Many Google+ users are wondering on how to manage their contacts on chat as there are many of them whom you don’t want to appear online all the time. If you are one of them then this article is must read for you.

With the help of this feature, you will be able to have a good control on your Google Chat list. Google has recently merged the Google+ contacts with the Google Chat. Where this move of Google amazed many, some users didn’t like the idea of combining two relatively different connections under one common list.

The feature is commonly compared to the Facebook chat, but it has some implications as turning invisible to Google+ contacts will also make you invisible to Google Chat contacts. It is the major difference between the services of two social networking platforms.

Following the settings given below, you can now control the appearance of your certain Google+ contacts on the Google Chat list.

1. On the bottom of the left-hand column of the Chat box, find a triangle-like menu button located on the right of the ‘Chat’.

2. Next you need to open ‘Privacy Settings’ and there click on ‘Custom’ from the drop-down menu. In the list, uncheck all those circles you don’t want to have in your chat list.

Remember, all the circles you have added on Google+ are added to your Google Chat list by default. However, you can control the availability of circles in the Google Chat contact list by utilizing ‘Custom’ option.

In case, you are not satisfied with the available options and want to add contacts individually, you have the option to create new circle, to say ‘Chat’ particularly for chat list. In that chat-oriented circle, you can add the Google+ contacts which you want to have in your Google Chat list. Note that contacts will be added to chat only if they will add you in their circles.

After creating a new circle, navigate back to Privacy Settings -> Custom. Uncheck all the circles except for the newly created ‘Chat’. Save the changes to implement them.

Now you are having only your best Google+ buddies on the Google Chat contact list.

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