Kinect 2 Can Read Your Lips

The first-generation Kinect has been a major hit for Microsoft. It was the product that not only re-energized the aging Xbox 360 but also brought a new trend to the Microsoft larger brand.

Now Microsoft is all set to launch its second-generation Kinect, dubbed Kinect 2. It is assumed that the next generation of the motion capturing product line will appear to be equally powerful and successful like its predecessor. We have come across several rumors suggesting that the Kinect, popular for its technological capabilities, is moving a step further in its capabilities.

A dedicated gaming news website EuroGamer reports that the Kinect 2 has a new powerful feature that makes it “so accurate [that] it can lip read.” Some other sources claims, “[the] Kinect 2 will come bundled with future Xbox consoles.” Microsoft has made Kinect a fundamental part of the Xbox, offering it with the console. The idea is to spread the technology to greater number of customers. Not to forget that over 10 million Kinect devices sold within the first two months of its launch, also it was also declared as the fastest selling electronic device of all time.

Microsoft will certainly be looking for a similar show with its next-generation Kinect and Xbox.

The other more remarkable thing that some sources revealed is its ability to take as much information and feed it in the console without any restrictions.

“It can be cabled straight through on any number of technologies that just take phenomenally high res data straight to the main processor and straight to the main RAM and ask, what do you want to do with it?”

It seems that the next-generation Kinect will launch with much improved specs so as to make the user’s experience much smoother and faster.

What we can assume from the available information about the next-generation gadget that it will certainly far superior than its previous version. Also, it has to face more competitors than its predecessor. Moreover, Microsoft is also planning to bring its product to PC that will open an endless opportunities for developers as well as users.

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