OS X Lion Market Share Reaches 16 Percent

After successful initial sales, Mac OS X 10.7 Lion has seen a dire hold up in its adoption rate. Currently, the OS X Lion has a Mac market share of 16%, which is a third largest adaptation rate after Snow Leopard and Leopard.

The Mac OS X 10.7 Lion enjoyed a highly successful release but the joy didn’t remain for long as the sales slowed down drastically hardly outclassing the adoption rate of Apple’s previously released Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard running on 56% of Macs compared to Lion’s 16%, reported Chitika, an analytics firm.

Interestingly, when Mac OS X Lion launched back in July, it was declared as the fastest selling OS ever by Apple as it saw one million downloads on the launching day alone.

According to a new study, the growth of Lion was consistent up till September with 4.05% of monthly growth, however, the growth has slowed down over the past two months with an averaging of 0.98%.

Apple new CEO Time Cook announced back in October while addressing iPhone keynote that Mac OS X Lion was company’s best-selling OS until the present time, exceeding the company’s previous Snow Leopard by 80%, with more than six million downloads. Cook compared the success of Lion with that of Microsoft’s Windows 7, describing that the Windows took 20 weeks to gain the 10% of the PC market base, while Lion achieved it in less than two weeks.

Chitika’s Ryan Cavanagh wrote in the company’s blog, “The once hyped OS X Lion is now in a state of arrested development; they’re growing, but not nearly at the rate newly released operating systems have grown in the past. Historically Mac users are quick to adopt the latest Apple software, as in the case with our iOS5 report, leading us to believe there are some real issues preventing users from making the $29.99 upgrade.”

According to Cavanagh, the decline of the Lion sales is perhaps associated with the stability issues. Referring to the users’ complaints, the iOS-like features stops them to upgrade to the new OS.

Lion is steadily advancing to surpass the Mac OS X Leopard that is holding 22% of Mac market share. However, it seems that Lion need a bit of time to overcome the current market leader Mac OS X Snow Leopard with 56% of the market share.

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