Steve Jobs Wished to Have an Independent Wireless Carrier for Apple

It was reported earlier by Nancy Gohring of Computerworld that Apple’s Steve Jobs wished to build an independent network carrier based on unused Wi-Fi spectrum for which he had some prolonged talks with wireless industry expert and Chairman of venture capital firm Trilogy, John Stanton. It seems that Jobs wanted to replace carriers with Apple’s own network.

According to Stanton, “He and I spent a lot of time talking about whether synthetically you could create a carrier using Wi-Fi spectrum. That was part of his vision.”

Stanton revealed this information at a Law Seminars International event saying that the discussion between Jobs and I held between 2005 and 2007 prior to the launch of first iPhone smartphone. However, Jobs dropped the idea in 2007, but still managed to have key impact on wireless carriers.

iPhone certainly has its major part in how the dynastic carrier system operates today. Apple and Jobs’ both worked really hard to make certain that users have a pure and unhampered experience with carrier add-on applications and services. This made the iPhone really a smartphone that tightly bound both carrier and manufacturer.

Prior to the launch of first iPhone, the carriers were normally considered as gate keepers and manufacturers prostrated to them. At the time, Google is still following the same trend but has made movements a bit towards self-dependency. Nothing more independent than Apple’s iPhone at this point for sure.

The usability and credibility of iPhone is described by Sprint CEO Dan Hesse as, “it is the ‘number one’ reason that people switch from one carrier to another.”

It is yet not clear why Jobs gave up on the idea of introducing a carrier for Apple. It could certainly be a smart move if Jobs made some major developments in this area. It is always fascinating to think of simple plans, pricing, independence from the archaic text-messaging as well as voice pricing system.

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