75% of Worldwide Cellphone Users Send Text Messages

In the recent few years, mobile phones have become an essential part of everyday life. With the increasing use of mobile phones, the trend of text messaging has also increased. A survey was conducted in 21 countries about cellphone users regarding their mobile habits that revealed that 75% of the cellphone users send text messages.

A study was conducted by a Pew Research Center Global Attitudes Project that focused on the global use of digital communication tools, including mobile and social networks. Unsurprisingly, the research revealed that both young and educated are the first to adopt new technologies. While people less than 30 year of age with college degrees are more into exploring mobile phone functions and social networks.

One-half of the participants send photos or videos, while only 23% of them use the Internet.

Such behaviors are usually associated with most well-developed countries because there is a big reason to assume so, but to your utter surprise texting is most popular in Kenya and Indonesia, the two poorest countries, according to study. The study further reveals that sending photos and videos is most popular in Japan (72%), then Mexico with 61%, Spain with 59%, follow by Egypt with 58%. As for using mobile data, it seems that the trend is most popular in developed countries with Israel and Japan sharing the top spot with 47%, followed by 43% in US. Complete results are given in the table.

The study also focused on examining the worldwide popularity of social networking. It is a matter of common observation that social networking is common in countries where Internet access isn’t a major issue. Considering this point, Israel is on the top with 53% usage, followed by 50% in US, and then comes Britain and Russia with 43% each, slightly trailed by Spain with 42%. Interestingly, the users in non-developed countries use social network not less than the richer countries.

The study was conducted from March 21 to May 15. It surveyed about 700 to 4,029 mobile users per country by telephone, while in person in the countries like US, Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, China, Indonesia, Japan, Pakistan, Mexico and Kenya.

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