Facebook Adoption in Top 10 Countries

Facebook has become really popular in the recent few months. However, when it comes to rank the countries in terms of Facebook adoption, it becomes really difficult to figure out. But, Pingdom has made this task easy for us by providing us with a new list of countries contrasting the number of Facebook users as percentage of the population.

Here we are not talking about raw number of Facebook users, where the United States is still on the top. This studies ranked countries according to what percentage of the population (online and total) is on the social network. In layman words, we are trying to know how popular Facebook is in that particular country.

According to Pingdom, 95% of the online population on the island of Cyprus is on Facebook and is on the top of the ranking. Chile is on third spot where there are more Facebook accounts than Internet users. You might be surprised how it is possible to have more accounts when there were fewer number of Internet users. Perhaps the reason for this is people have multiple accounts, i.e. one for business and one for personal use.

The red bar in the table above represents the number of Facebook users in each country as a percentage of Internet users, while yellow bar represents the percentage of the population.

Pingdom while contradicting its previous claim that Philippines was the top country on Facebook based on similar rankings. According to Pingdom, only 28.76% of the population in Philippines is on Facebook and the previously claimed 93.9% were not true. Note that the reference of Philippines is in accordance with “The Ten Nations Where Facebook Rules the Internet” through 24/7 Wall Street.

India and China are considered as the largest untapped markets for the social network for outside growth. Surprisingly, only 3.42% of the population in India use Facebook. China, on the other hand, trying to block the Facebook from the country still managed to register 530,000 accounts on the Facebook despite government’s efforts to block it.

In the past, Facebook announced that 70% of its growth results from users outside United States. However, Pingdom says that the figures are somewhere around 80%. The total population on Earth is 7 billion+ out of which 800 million users are on Facebook.

The methodology used plays a vital role during generating any such rankings. According to Pingdom, it collected data from different sources and compile them up in the form of a chart given above. For instance, the data about how many users are in actual use Facebook in different countries across the globe is taken from SocialBaker; data regarding Internet users taken from the World Bank, while the population data is collected from Wikipedia. Countries with population over 500,000 are included in the research.

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