Facebook Increases Status Update Character Limit

The world of web has been growing pretty quickly for last few years. With the growing web world, the concept of social networking on the Internet is also getting attention. Although, there are a number of social networks found on the Internet, but the most remarkable and popular are just three including Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Previously, it was only Facebook that dominated the market, but now the competition is increasing and each of them is looking for ways to make them distinct and unique from the rivals. However, the purpose of all three is to get attention from the maximum number of users.

If we have a look at the Facebook, it has been more family and friend-oriented as the way it manages images, videos and information.

Compared to Facebook, Twitter is much of an echo-chamber. With Twitter, the idea is to make content available to everyone on the social network. The interesting fact about it that the Twitter’s creator opted to limited updates character limit to 140 characters similar to the one you see in SMS.

Google+ is still a young platform and Google is working hard to make its nascent platform something to give tough competition to both Twitter and Facebook. Google with its Google+ offers a much higher character limit for updates. The character limit is as high as it gives users a substitute of blog. So, one can’t need to have a separate blog when he/she can reach a large audience through Google+.

Though late, Facebook has realized the fact of offering higher character limits to users. Facebook has recently its character limit to an impressive 63,206 – high enough to explain your thoughts thoroughly.

Google+ offers approximately 100,000 characters and when a user reach this limit, a prompt message appear saying that “something has gone wrong” and asks you “to try again.” These are certainly a massive numbers that is why it is often considered as a surrogate blog.

Now you must have been thinking that why Facebook opts for an odd 63,206 characters. This has been explained by Bob Baldwin of Facebook as:

I set the exact limit to something nerdy. Facebook … Face Boo K … hex(FACE) – K … 64206 – 1000 = 63206

It seems certainly a very geeky calculation.

The battle between three social networks is really hitting new heights these days. It has really become difficult for us to decide which social platform is better over others. The coming years will further make the social networking a vital part of Internet world and users’ life.

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