Future iPhone and iPad Would Feature Facial Recognition Technology

Apple’s iPad is more often met with a criticism of not having multi-user capabilities. Lack of user accounts and accounts switching make it a single-user-oriented device. However, we have got good news for you that Apple has recently filed a patent regarding facial recognition technology that could possibly be a part of Apple’s next line of iPhones and iPads.

Perhaps, the decision comes from Apple a little late because Google has already tested the feature with their product known as Google Goggles. Similarly, Microsoft is also not too far as it has tested facial recognition with its Kinect system.

AppleInsider, a blog dedicated to Apple news reports that company’s recent feature will allow multiple users to use a single device without interfering each other’s profile. As soon as iPhone or iPad recognizes your face, it will load your specific file, such as wallpaper, applications and settings. Moreover, the new feature will require a small part of power and stay active all the time even when your device is in sleep mode. Apparently, when a user will pick up its device from a distance, the device will turn on and unlock it without hitting any button.

Now the question arises how the technology work in actual. According to company, the facial recognition feature will work in all kinds of lighting conditions and orientations. The camera of the device will analyze biometric distortions of an image. Moreover, patent further describes the method of recognition, such as analyzing the eyes, mouth and tip of the nose. Patent also describes:

Face recognition on consumer operated portable appliances that are equipped with a camera would unnecessarily use an appliance’s computing resources and drain its power. Moreover, as the consumer portable appliances tend to be used both indoor and outdoor, the […] systems for face recognition may be ineffective. Such ineffectiveness may be further exacerbated by the proximity of the user to the camera, i.e., small changes in distance to and tilt of the appliance’s camera dramatically distort features, making traditional biometrics used in security-type face recognition ineffective.

It seems that Apple has taken the right decision at right time. The company always involved in experimenting new things which is extremely important to progress in the fast growing market. Bringing this new feature seems to affect the profit margins of the company as single device can be used by multiple users. We need to wait and see how things will work for the Cupertino-based company.

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