TouristEye Offers to Store Your Gowalla Data

Facebook has acquired the travel and check-in service Gowalla earlier this month. Analysts see this acquisition as a positive step from the social networking giant. It is also considered good for Gowalla, when it came to its rivalry with Foursquare. The acquisition also appears to be a breakthrough in owning mobile developers by Facebook.

Where both the companies are happy with the deal, users that count over one million are in trouble with Gowalla announced to close its operations at the end of January. Taking the advantage of the situation, a company known as TouristEye has decided to let Gowalla’s users to import all of their data into its own system. It is a smart move from the company for if it manages to get even quarter of Gowalla users, it would be enough to boost its travel services.

Smartly enough, TouristEye enables Gowalla users to effortlessly import their check-in history and the service promises to automatically complete their Passports and make all the trips they have done earlier in an “intelligent way.” However, for diehard Gowalla users, this is of course a no-brainer for them. In one of its recent statement, the company announces that thousands of Gowalla users have already shifted to this service.

Easy Migration

A migration page has been set up by TouristEye through which Gowalla users can log into their accounts and import their data. There are many users who are not a big time user of Gowalla, but do have some check-in data from the past, which they won’t mind keeping somewhere, despite the fact they don’t even use it.

For instance, given is an image of Gary Arndt’s profile, who visited over 100 countries while using Gowalla. He is pretty much pleased with the fact that his information remains intact by importing it to TouristEye.

However, it is worth noting here that ToruistEye is not similar to the services provided by Gowalla as it is not about check-ins. Contrary to this, the service is dedicated for suggesting locations for trips based on places you have been. Still, you will get a smooth and better looking profile, but don’t expect to have similar social features offered by Gowalla.

This is your last chance to migrate your data to the TouristEye rather than wandering about the Facebook’s acquisition of Gowalla, otherwise you will not but see your check-ins deleted from Gowalla’s system.

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