Facebook Expected to Gain 1 Billion Users by August 2012

The status Facebook is enjoying at the moment certainly points to the hard work of Mark Zuckerberg and his entire team. Their hard work has made the social network a juggernaut.

It is the matter of only few months when the co-founder and CEO of Facebook announced that the social network has reached the milestone of 800 million active users. But the current trend shows that the networking giant will soon be enjoying the milestone of 1 billion users as soon as in August.

Although, the prediction of Facebook hitting 1 billion users is eye-popping, it is however more than expected, considering the growth of the social network. Since its launch in 2006, the site has shown a remarkable growth.

A senior analyst at iCrossing, Gregory Lyons says that the growth of user-base has slowed down or even stopped in the regions including UK and US. Undoubtedly, the site has a massive user-base in both these countries, but the noticeable thing is that the popularity of Facebook is growing rapidly in Brazil and India as well.

With only 3% of India’s population on Facebook and 16% of Brazil’s (compared to 49% of America’s population or 47% of the UK’s population) countries such as these will clearly contribute heavily to Facebook’s continued growth.

In start Facebook was not as popular as it has become over the recent couple of years. It has seen many ups and downs on its way to become the world’s largest social networking site.

Like many other tech companies, Facebook has also met with various litigations on its successful journey. Mark Zuckerberg along with his team was dragged to courtrooms on a number of occasions to get a share of huge swathes of money as compensation over different issues.

The range of Facebook’s popularity can be judged through the fact that a movie named The Social Network was made with a theme circling around the historical background of the developing of the social platform.

Facebook is working hard to keep its status intact through implying different tactics and introducing news features and partnerships with other companies to further improve the users experience on the site.

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