Amazon Planning to Launch a Retail Store

Amazon won’t be a new name for most of the users. It is one of the most successful e-commerce giant on the Internet. It seems that Amazon is up to get away from its digital shackles and launch a genuine, bricks-and mortar retail store.

According Good EReader, the sources close to the situation claims that Amazon is deliberating to open a single retail store in the Seattle late this year. It is important to note here that Amazon is a Seattle-based company. Report suggests that Amazon wants to open this store prior to the profitable holiday season.

Earlier it was reported that Amazon was planning to rollout a click-and-collect scheme – primarily lockers in public places like shopping centers where one can collect online purchases in person. Although, the scheme has not yet implemented, but shows Amazon’s intentions to stretch its presence out in the physical world.

Apparently, it looks like Amazon won’t be going for something like big box rather it is intended more towards small boutiques that will offer books from Amazon Exclusives (the company launched its own publishing division back in May 2011), tablets, Kindle ereaders, and a host of other related accessories. As for design of the store is concerned, it is supposed to adopt an Apple-esque approach in the model.

Interestingly, if any independent author joins the store, he will be restricted to enter into the major stores like Barnes & Noble. Their books will be given a space on actual shelves in the Amazon stores.

It would be considered as a strange initiative from the company tantamount with the effectiveness and expediency of online trade. Now we have to see how Amazon will remain competitive with its new initiative in the coming time.

The most important thing that Amazon will need to keep in mind to make sure that its initiative will produce the required results – profits will be boosted accordingly. So, the interesting part is to see how the company will be affected by associated overheads of running a store. The company will certainly get a hand experience in running a retail store and also get a useful feedback from the customers with the launch of its first store.

A similar sort of initiative was taken by eBay in December 2011 when it launched its first bricks-and-mortar store in the United Kingdom. It was in fact a small store that remained operational for only five days and visited by 2,500 customers.

The report is still not confirmed by the company, but it is sounding off at the moment. We have to wait for any official words on the store. Until then, you dream about what’s your idea about the Amazon’s physical store.

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