Google Brings Esperanto to Google Translate

The search giant has made an interesting announcement earlier today that it is going to add the artificial language Esperanto to its Google Translate service. Esperanto was the language which was crafted by Ludovic Lazarus Zamenhof and was published in 1887 book Unia Libro.

It was, in fact, designed as a common language that all people could share and almost after 125 years, it has hundreds of thousands of active users, few of them learnt it from birth through their parents.

The search giant hints the addition of the language into its Google Translate product largely as a symbolic one, designed to stress on the fact that both the Esperanto language and Google Translate were formed to promote the goal of aiding people understand one another. Google further adds that the team working on it was shocked to see how well the machine engine dealt with the language.

For Esperanto, the number of existing translations is comparatively small. German or Spanish, for example, have more than 100 times the data; other languages on which we focus our research efforts have similar amounts of data as Esperanto but don’t achieve comparable quality yet.

The search giant credits the ease of translation of the language to the fact that it was developed in such a way that people won’t have difficulty in learning and understanding it. It is this quality of language that makes it simple for machines to translate it easily.  If you want to give Esperanto language a try, you need to head to the Google Translate site to enjoy learning the language.

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