Google Checks a New Navigation Design

Since the launch of Google+, the search giant has went through a number of design makeovers so as to integrate native search options with the growing number of social features. It seems that search giant is up to change the design for the one more time.

According to State of Search, the search giant has begun investigating another layout for its social platform. The new layout will improve the visibility of the Google+ notification widget and account section, detaching it from the black bar at the top of the page and blending it into the page itself.

The image given above is taken from the new layout that Google is testing at the moment. If you are the one who like the new layout, you can give it a try as well. Simply open the regional Google homepage or google.com and follow the steps:

  • Inside the browser, open the developer tools. In Google Chrome, simply press CTRL + SHIFT + I; in Firefox, press CTRL + SHIFT + K; while the users of Internet Explorer 8 or above need to press F12 and open the tab Console. Safari users need to press CTRL + ALT + I and select Console in the opened panel.
  • Next you need to copy the code in this file into the console/developer screen and press Enter. Users who want to use different domain, such as google.co.uk, they need to replace ‘.com’ with ‘co.uk’ in the code.
  • On clicking Enter, the new navigation will immediately appear on the screen.

The regular users of Google+ might find this new change of blending the notification widget and account section into the page itself useful as this will help them to experience smooth interaction and increased visibility of new messages and Circle notifications.

The search giant’s recent move of merging its social feature into its search engines met with heavy criticism. However, with this move, the search giant is aiming to strengthen its social integration, helping the 90+ million users that it has already registered.

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