iOS Apps Crashes More Than Android Apps [Study]

The mobile application monitoring company Crittercism conducted a study regarding iOS and Android applications. The study revealed that iOS applications crash more than Android applications. The image given below shares the results with us and draws a clear picture of the situation. Results reveal that more apps crash under iOS 5.0.1, while its equivalent Android apps seem more stable.

It is, however, important to note here that the issues may not directly be associated with Apple’s iOS 5.0.1. Apparently, it seems that the issues actually lie with the iOS developers who failed to make their third-party apps completely compatible with the Apple’s iOS, eventually crashing up the apps in the end. Contrary to this, if we look at the relatively older version of iOS 4.3.3 that remained in use for quite a reason able time also accounted for 10.66% of mobile apps crash.

On the other hand, Android is looking quite stable. However, the latest Android 4.0.1 is the one that makes up for 1.04% of mobile application crashes – a pinch of salt against iOS 5.0.1’s 28.64%.

You must be wondering what actually cause iOS applications to crash every so often. There are several different reasons and Forbes talks about:

This can be due to hardware issues, such as the use of location or GPS services or cameras; it could be due to the Internet connection, that is, how a phone connects to 3G or WiFi, or that the device is not connected to the Internet at a certain moment, or that something happens during the switch between 3G and WiFi. There could also be issues with language support on certain devices. There can also be memory problems if an app uses too much memory.

In addition to this, the study also points out Apple’s iAd system begin the potential reason for the problem. It supposedly offers developers “problems if they [do] not adhere to certain standards.”

Moreover, the other problem is related to users who don’t opt to update.

The chart given above clearly shows that a good number of iOS device users are not upon the latest version of Apple’s mobile OS. Most of them are still using iOS 4.3.3, iOS 4.2.1 and some even running iOS 4.0. The obvious reasons people not opt to upgrade their devices are perhaps to keep a jailbreak or carrier unlock, while others just not care to update to latest operating system. If we follow the same approach for iOS app updates then we need to have a separate data to see the current trends.

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