Microsoft Hints Zune May Not Be Dead

Just recall the leaked Windows Phone 8 news that hinted towards the end of Zune. Now it seems that the Redmond-based software giant is planning something different than what we have heard before.

Before moving to the latest reports, let us first have a looked at the leaked Windows Phone 8 news that came few days ago. We will like to quote the wordings of PocketNow as it broke the news originally:

Moreover, Windows Phone 8 will reportedly scrap integration with the desktop Zune client in favor of a syncing relationship with a dedicated companion application. In other words, Microsoft is bringing back a (presumably) richer version of ActiveSync after letting that program die out for the most part.

The Xbox Companion app, currently found on Windows Phones, will see a partner client on Windows 8. Skydrive support promises seamless sharing of data between devices; Belfiore gives the example of instantly having one’s music collection available on a newly-purchased Windows Phone, without the need for a PC sync. It sounds like the tagline for this so-called Windows 2012 relaunch, or “Windows reimagined,” will be “The New Familiar.”

Considering the earlier report, almost everyone felt that there left no single point to keep Zune alive. But yet one thing that kept the hope alive in us regarding the survival of Zune was that the stock rose with every unit of Windows Phone handset sale. In case Zune dies, it would simply be non-influential software out of an unsuccessful hardware-based music push of last year.

Let us now move to the latest report according to which, if you buy a Windows Phone device at any of Microsoft Stores, you will get a full year Zune Pass. On the assumption that the most anticipated Windows Phone 8 is going to launch somewhere this year, it is absolutely absurd to expect that Zune and Windows Phone are going to set apart.

The things are so messed up that everything appears to us a bit hazy at this stage. Apparently, it seems that the company known for warring business units is going through some sort of confusion at their camp.

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