Mozilla Releases Firefox 10 with 3D Support and Built-in Developer Tools

Mozilla has released a stable version of its web browser, Firefox 10. In the last ten months, this is the seventh major release by Mozilla. It all started with a release of Firefox in March last year, when Mozilla took on a swift release schedule identical to the cycle Google takes up with its Chrome browser.

Contrary to previous approach, when users got a new version every two to three years, the new schedule makes sure that users receive a new version of Firefox every six weeks. It is clearly a much rapid release cycle than the one employed before.

Mozilla adopts the same approach for Firefox 10 as it followed with recent releases – the emphasis is given to under-the-hood improvements and bug fixes than to focus on new features or improvements to the user interface.

Firefox 10 is released with many new front-facing features, such as improved add-on compatibility and built-in developer tools.

The latest version automatically marks add-ons compatible with the browser without add-on developers to code support by hand. The browser will also automatically check for add-on updates every 24 hours.

As far as developer tools are concerned, the browser now has a tightly-integrated set of HTML, CSS and DOM inspectors. With such support, web developers will now able to rapidly direct to any part of a live web-page and activate real-time previewing.

All those users who are familiar with Webkit’s Web Inspector in Safari and Chrome, they won’t have much problem with Firefox 10’s tool set. Although, it would not fill the place of add-ons, such as Firebug, fro advanced developers, it is of course a handy, lightweight, built-in alternative.

The video embedded below will give developers a clear idea about the new developer tools included in latest version of Firefox.

Mozilla’s decision to switch to a rapid update cycle was strongly opposed by some enterprise users, criticizing the company that frequent updates are unstable for organizations that require keeping strict rules for necessary software updates.

However, with current release, Mozilla is offering such users an access to “Firefox ESR” or “Firefox Extended Support Release.” The support and updates of 242 weeks will be given to the organizations that opt for Firefox ESR instead of following standard six week cycle. Mozilla said that security updates will be released on set schedule.

We have to wait and see whether Firefox 10 will help browser to get back its lost position from Chrome.

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