YouTube Removes Older Inactive Accounts and Channels

One of the largest video sharing communities, YouTube, is now cleaning out the cobwebs, older inactive accounts and channels from its site, Digital Inspiration reports. This will certainly lower the subscriber counts, particularly if you have an older channel.

According to YouTube, the cleanup is carried out against the accounts which have been inactive or closed for a significant period of time and having been counted as active subscribers of channels. Moreover, new subscriptions will also be examined with great detail so as to avoid artificial boosting of subscriber counts on the video sharing network. YouTube said that removing these ‘zombie’ accounts won’t affect your subscriber base by much, but if the whole scenario is monitored closely, there will be noticed a slight decline.

About 4% or less dip will be noticed by those having an average aged channel, while those with older channels may have experienced a larger dip because greater number of legacy accounts following them. This is perhaps not an appreciable step taken by the YouTube, but to keep things intact it is inevitable for the video sharing site.

One can expect to see a sudden drop of subscribers over the next few days or weeks, considering the intentions of YouTube.

If you are keen to have a look at your subscriber stats, you can do so by visiting the YouTube Analytics page while being logged into your YouTube account.

YouTube issues a note to its existing subscribers saying:

While we are updating subscriber counts to remove such subscriptions from the totals, we will not stop delivering videos to these subscribers, even if they are artificially created accounts.  This means that even if we mistakenly remove a subscriber from a subscription account as invalid, this will in no way affect your views.

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