Apple Cuts Working Hours in China to 48 Hours a Week

The Cupertino-based technology giant Apple has been busy for quite some time to address excessive work hours. The company has finally announced that the average work-week has now dropped down to an average 48 hours per week. This means it falls inside 1 hour a day of the US average, currently sitting at 42.6 hours a week.

John Gruber of Daring Fireball states earlier that this was all happened during the increased activity for Apple’s new iPad production, launched last Friday.

It was back in January when Apple pointed out that it had gathered data on 500,000 workers at its suppliers and discovered that 84% of them occupied with the maximum of 60-hour work a week. However, in February, the numbers further went up by 5% to reach 89%, as a result company forced to address the working hours.

According to Apple, the change is “a substantial improvement over previous results, but we can do better. We will continue to share our progress by reporting this data on a monthly basis.”

Furthermore, the company also posts some other handy results. For instance, the company needed 52 facilities to implement policies to keep out discrimination based on certain medical tests. There are 24 facilities found conducting pregnancy tests and were halted, while 56 other facilities also needed to put policies in position that avoided discrimination based on pregnancy.

The Cupertino-based company also emphasized on the fact that it will continue to probe incidents of underage labor in its facilities, but also mentions that “this year, our audits of final assembly suppliers found no cases of underage labor.”

Mike Daisey was one sole name that in his monologue raised the fact of employing underage workers by Apple, which was broadcast earlier this year on a now-retracted This American Life episode. Daisey’s report about underage workers at Apple facilities added fuel to the fire and coming out to be absolute forgery.

Moreover, the company states, “we will continue regular audits and go deeper into our supply chain to ensure that there are no underage workers at any Apple supplier.”

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