Facebook Makes it Harder to Post from Google Blogger

If you want to share a post on Facebook from your blog, you might find it hard to do so, in case you are using a Blogger site. The social networking giant has recently introduced a Captcha check, i.e. a dialog box appears whenever you attempt to post from a Blogger that contains a hard-to-read text presented as graphics. The purpose of including Captcha test is to control spam, as bots that try to post spam links usually can’t read the words.

However, the change doesn’t seem to affect all Blogger sites. For instance, if a user tries to post from the Official Google Mobile Blog, no Captcha will appear. But if a user tries to post from a lesser-known site, such as Abbie, then a Captcha will appear. For popular blogs, Captcha will not appear, as it apparently seems.

This is not the first time that Facebook has used Captcha on its service to avoid spam. Some similar sort of Captcha will appear when you try to post from Tumblr. But there are several blogging services for which Facebook doesn’t want you to enter Captcha, including LiveJournal, WordPress, TypePad and Squarespace.

The search giant Google is in possession of Blogger that uses blogspot.com domain. Both Facebook and Google have been battling a digital cold war for last few years. None of the company offers a simple way to share contact lists with each other. The battle was intensified last year with an introduction of Google’s social platform Google+.

The search giant recently modified its search engine to add social-media links and it preferred its Google+ over the most popular Facebook. However, Facebook’s team of engineers among other social sites replied well with a tool (purposely named Don’t Be Evil, a Google tagline) that apparently corrects the search results with social links from several other social services.

Both Facebook and Google could not be reached for immediate comment on the subject.

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