Dilemma between Public Sector Bank and Private Banking Career

Students and professionals aspiring for a banking career often find themselves in a dilemma of opting between a public sector bank and private sector bank. Honestly, this is quite a serious dilemma. This is because each sector has its set of pros and cons. There is a very thin line that separates the two and frankly, on doing a secure cost-benefit analysis one can notice no real discernible difference between the two. As far as India goes, people tend towards the public sector as they associate it with more freebies but well, reading further you will realize these freebies are actually not giveaways. And, at the same time the private sector has its own tolls to take from you.  Read on to find a comparison of the two based on certain crucial parameters.

Work Pressure

Public sector banks are not as ambitious as private banks. This is because the former are supported by the government’s funds that in all probability will never be withdrawn from them, irrespective of the profits and revenues. This makes its employees develop a lackadaisical attitude, translating into a laziness and lack of motivation to work. While on the contrary, private sector banks are profit seekers consciously looking for profit avenues. Their mode of operations is such that it does not leave their employee much space to breathe. However, as far as the employee goes this develops a go-getter attitude in him, offering him more sector-wise education and tough experience.


While public sector banks offer jobs to all they often do not have the budget to pay very well, vis-à-vis the private sector banks. The public banks indulge in medical insurances for family, offering Employee Provident Fund and other small freebies other than basic salaries. Not many public sector banks have a strong incentive based system. Probably, this is to do with the fact that they do not put any pressure on employees for performance. While on the other hand, the private sector banks can afford to pay well as their job profiles signed by bankers often bear targets. This makes them strive for the incentives and hard work.

Job Sanctuary

There is no doubt that public sector banks have lesser chances of going through an employee layoff. First of all, this is because they are guarded by the government funds and assistance and secondly, their motive is employment creation too. On the contrary, reverse is the case with public sector banks. They offer no leeway for underperformance as the salary of the employee needs to be justified by his/her performance. Thus, chances of layoff during an economic slowdown and cost-cutting are inevitable. There are very few banks that effectively manage to strike the perfect equilibrium of all. Secure your banking job with Dhanlaxmi Bank careers for such a good balance of a secure job and a good salary.

Concluding thus, private sector banks may give you the money but they slurp out the blood from you. While the public sector banks are laid back and thus offer slow growing salaries. So, think before you leap!

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